Feeling the quintessence of Menard Shiatsu Massage.

Being the perfect combination of Menard's 60 years of experience and advanced techniques of the world, Menard Shiatsu Massage brings you not only the luminous beautiful skin but also the most wonderful moment to enjoy life.

 This technique promotes strength and focus energy on the finger to arouse energy within the body. This helps blood circulation and stimulates metabolism process. As a result, your skin will become healthy, strong and bright. Warm hands of professional therapists fly on the skin, giving you a great feeling of relaxation.

You will feel completely relaxed on the shoulder, chest and throat. In addition, the skilled hands of the professionals will gently press the pressure points on your face. Combined with the characteristics of the product line of Menard, wrinkles, pigmentation, freckles ... increasingly fading. Also, the spiritual essence as reishi, collagen, vitamins in products will rejuvenate your skin from the inside. With all above benefits Menard Shiatsu Massage has been the first choice of the most difficult women in Japan as well as in Viet nam.

Let come to enjoy and experience the greatest feelings at Menard Facial Salons & Spa.